Lil Nas X continues to provide the masses with wholesome content as he was recently spotted at a wedding at the happiest place on earth, Disney World. The two-time Grammy Award winner crashed a wedding entering the venue to his hit single "Old Town Road" holding the hand of the bride as the guests in attendance went wild. While the details of the video are extremely limited, it appears that the unsuspecting crowd had no idea that the megastar musician was going to be in attendance.

Lil Nas X wedding crasher

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

During the short eleven-second clip, one woman was caught staring directly into the camera saying, "What the f*ck is happening right now," as Lil Nas X made his impromptu appearance sporting a white cowboy hat and iridescent graphic hoodie. 

While this has been the most successful year in his entire life, Lil Nas X is still having some legal issues in regards to his hit song, "Rodeo." A duo of producers claim that the "Panini" singer stole the song's instrumental but Lil Nas X's legal team is shooting back at the producers hoping for the Manhattan Federal court to dismiss the charges entirely. Coming off of a Grammy Awards ceremony performance at the end of Jan., staring in a Doritos Super Bowl commercial, and hitting the Oscars scene, it's hard to believe that Lil Nas X is still willing to take wedding singer gigs but yet here we are. 

Check out the clip of Lil Nas X crashing a wedding at Disney World in the video provided below.