Lil Baby is inarguably one of the hottest rappers in the entire world right now. He has proven himself to be a stand-out among rap's new generation, setting himself up for a lifetime of success. In addition to a possible label expansion on the way, Lil Baby is also the only artist to have released a double-platinum album this year, celebrating the occasion by releasing a new music video last week.

In his personal life, not everything is so hot.

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The mother of his eldest son Baby Jason has been at his throat for the last several months, accusing him of being a deadbeat dad and not sending enough money for her and their son to keep up their lifestyle. She even said that, because Baby didn't pay for Jason's schooling on time, he was penalized and was not allowed to continue at the learning institution

With Baby Jason celebrating his fifth birthday this weekend, his mother showed off some of the best moments from his party, which included a dope 4PF cake and the youngin's own rap debut on stage.

He picked up the microphone and showed off his skills, following in his father's footsteps and impressing his classmates and friends. Unfortunately, the moment was tainted on social media when Lil Baby's baby mama called him out for his lack of support yet again. 

Responding to a commenter who said it would have been nice for the rapper to be at the party, she said: "All that matters is that my son is happy I don't care about Petty childish mad ass people and there sucker moves I'm gone always stand behind mine. And there isn't a man or woman that could change that and that's the difference. And I plan on instilling the real in my son as long as I breed a real man out this situation I could truly careless about anything else."

Lil Baby has not responded.

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