Yesterday, Pierre "Pee" Thomas, the co-founder of Quality Control, offered up a reward to the people who stole a car with one of the label's hard drives in it. The label executive was offering $20K to the thieves with the intention of getting back the unreleased music. The request was actually quite funny as Pee seemed unconcerned about the return of the QC engineer's car, only interested in getting back the hard drives. He noted that he used to steal cars back in the day too, so he's not trying to knock anyone's hustle. Many expected the thieves to remain quiet but it appears they weren't opposed to the idea of snitching on themselves as Lil Baby posted up with the hard drives on Instagram.

Thomas provided an update, posting a screencap from his conversation with one half of Drip Harder, thanking Baby and writing, "Hard Drives Secured." He added that Lil Yachty's upcoming Nuthin 2 Prove album is on the way. The project was likely situated on the hard drives along with a slew of other unreleased songs from the powerhouse label. It's unclear whether the thieves accepted the $20K reward or copied any of the songs before handing it in. We're sure Pee will be taking extra precautions to prevent a leak though.