Although we can't truly qualify his upcoming work a quintessential comeback, Lex Luger's return is a significant shift in his career. The producer had to take a hiatus due to drug abuse issues. After being sober for a year, the artist declared an official return to music during an interview back in August. One of the first things on his list seems to be a collaboration with Azealia Banks.

Lex posted a screenshot of a text message conversation with Banks. The image he uploaded to his Instagram story shows his eagerness to make a collaboration happen as he has "so more" beats to send the rapper. According to the text, the emcee had already claimed one of his beats, pleased with its flavor: " This is my vibe. I want street rap beats. I gotta body these bitches once and for all. Tbh."


Banks, who reposted the screenshot to her own socials, might seem like an unlikely candidate for a joint track considering their past beef. Luger had put Azealia on blast for offering him 40 bucks for a beat during a disagreement over text. The online beef got heated to the point of Banks wishing him death by an overdose. Considering his drug addiction issues, this comment isn't likely to have been taken lightly. Somehow, they managed to squash the bad vibes and keep it moving, two years later. Perhaps they bonded on their unique experiences of fading from the spotlight.