Has there ever been a better time to raise a nuclear family? To be honest, I really couldn't tell you. But that's OK, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have rewritten all the codes, necessary for change. Let's backtrack to exactly one year ago when Kylie Jenner stole everyone's attention away from the Super Bowl to announce the pregnancy of her first child.

So it's understandable to think, a second child would be in order, to coincide with Travis Scott's Halftime appearance opposite Maroon 5, and perhaps every year-in-succession. Babies are good business, just ask Cardi B and all the restless monarchs of "Old European" empires, who hide their bumps with paper mache.

So when Kylie hit us with a cryptic Instagram containing the message "Baby #2?," the Internet went the proper route of assuming she and hubby Travis Scott were up to something media-related - again! As you can see, the IG post depicts Kylie in a loving embrace with Travis Scott, the caption as stated, causing logjam on all social media platforms, IG-included.

But in the end, Kylie Jenner dropped down into the comment section to confirm: "No lol," to a tweeter query asking her the following, "Are you pregnant?" At that point, over 6.6 million users had already liked the post. But let me warn you, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner could very upend that notion, and do something "crazy" while they've got our attention for the umpteenth time.