Lost albums have been a longstanding issue in hip-hop. From the days of wayward west coast projects like Knoc-Turn'al's Knoc's Landing LP to Ras Kass' Van Gogh, to the more recent batch like Dr. Dre's Detox, Eminem's Relapse 2, and Lil Wayne's Tha Carter 5, plenty have albums have pulled a Fallout and took up shelter in the vault. One such project was Slaughterhouse's third album Glass House, which was reported to have featured heavy involvement from the legendary Just Blaze. Unfortunately, the project failed to materialize, and the real reason for the indefinite delay seemed to stem from myriad reasons.

While we'll probably never obtain the truth in its purest form, the group have given us ample opportunity to pick up the pieces. In the wake of the group's seemingly amicable split, optimistic fans have kept hope alive, pressing KXNG Crooked for anything even remotely resembling answers. Over the weekend, Crook opened up a little bit about the behind-the-scenes process, revealing that he and Royce put in the extra work to get the project in the hands of the people. While many obstacles reared their heads, Crook makes a point to mention that Joe Budden infamously calling Revival trash on Everyday Struggle didn't help matters.

Don't get it twisted. Joe's harsh lambasting of Em's latest work was not the reason Glass House was shelved. But clearly, it did play a part, and one has to wonder what really went down over at the Shady Records offices. Could this really all have been a matter of hurt pride? It's a shame, as Glass House was set to be Slaughterhouse's best project to date. I suppose, in the end, we'll never truly know. One thing is certain; it would appear Joe Budden has fallen into the role of scapegoat, for better or worse.