Victor Vazquez aka Kool A.D., a former member of Das Racist, is being accused of sexual assault by 4 different women. The rapper issued a statement published by Pitchfork in which he states his belief that all of those sexual interactions were consensual. The incidents involved his estranged wife, Saba Moeel, former friend Marta Martinez, former collaborator Andie Flores and another acquaintance referred to as Senn. 

Moeel says A.D. forced her to perform sexual acts against her will multiple times.

“Our first time was at his parents’ house, and I told him straight up, ‘We can hook up, but I don’t want to have sex tonight,’ and he said, ‘OK,’” she said. “He did it anyway, and I just froze, and he was like, ‘Oh it’s OK, just for a little bit.’” 

She also claims he forced her to perform oral sex while drunk and sickly.

“He basically made me give him head while I was super drunk and wanting to throw up and go to the bathroom, and then spent the whole night with me by the toilet as I threw up.” 

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Kool's former classmate, Marta Martinez, revealed how she got pregnant from the time he penetrated her while she slept. 

“He woke me up multiple times throughout the night trying to make advances, and I kept telling him no,” she said. “Finally he woke me up at like 6 or 6:30 in the morning. And I was feeling super pressured. I think my exact words were, ‘OK, fine.’ But then I immediately fell asleep. I was sleeping and I felt him inside of me. And I said, ‘What the fuck?’ I will never forget my first response.”

He later paid for Martinez' abortion procedure. Vazquez admits, "I was intoxicated so my ability to discern that may have been impaired.” 

"It was never my intention to hurt anybody, but through ignorance, entitlement, and ego, I now see that I have,” he wrote.

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