While his legal troubles are still fresh in our memories, the exact clarity of them has been somewhat blurred. Ever since his release from prison earlier this year, Kodak Black has been celebrated by his fans as he prepares a new album for release this month. If you're unfamiliar with his shotty past, here's a quick debrief. 

In 2016, Kodak was charged with sexual assault. The woman accusing him was at one of his performances in February 2016 and after the show, she was accompanied to his hotel room. He allegedly "couldn't help himself" as he tore off her clothes and proceeded to bite and sexually assault her. Of course, until (and if) he's convicted, it's a little tricky to pick sides. According to an NBC affiliate, Kodak was in court yesterday for a short hearing as his defense attorneys requested that all pretrial matters be discussed in the judge's chambers. The request was reportedly made so that conversations could be had without the presence of cameras.

His trial is set to begin in April of next year and if he's convicted, he faces a maximum of 30 years in prison. Kodak Black's new album Dying To Live is expected to release next week.