Kodak Black hunkered down and recorded approximately fifteen albums worth of new music since being released from prison two months ago, proving that his work ethic is unmatched.


Much like some of the greats that came before him, including Lil Wayne, Kodak Black knows that his life could bring legal challenges that make it hard for him to have access to a recording studio at all times. For his entire adult life, he's been in-and-out of prison, fighting cases and being forced to interact with his fans from behind bars. In January, Kodak had his sentence commuted by President Trump, but he's not off the hook yet. He's still fighting a few other cases, namely sexual assault allegations, in different states across the nation. Knowing that his freedom can be taken away at any instant, Kodak made sure to record a bunch of material during the time that he is free in case anything happens to him.


According to somebody close to the Florida rapper, Yak has recorded 167 new songs since being released from prison two months ago. That means that he has about fifteen albums worth of new music to give to the fans at any given moment should he need something to drop. Not many artists can pull that off.

One of those tracks was previewed in recent weeks as Kodak name-dropped Megan Thee Stallion, who he has been beefing on-and-off with, for weeks. "Everything I say turn into a quote, boy, go ask Meg Thee Stallion/I ask her let me drive the boat they thought I was Lil Yachty," raps the Project Baby on the song.

Johnny Louis/Getty Images

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