We're just a little over three months since King Von was murdered and his loved ones are fighting with one another on social media. His half-sister Kayla B has been at the center of several internet fires in the last few months as she's engaged in arguments with Cuban Doll, Asian Da Brat, and others. She regularly pays tribute to her late brother and posts photos of him, but on Wednesday (February 17), an argument ensued after Kema, the reported mother of one of Von's children, cropped Kayla's child out of a photo. The picture was reportedly supposed to only include Von's kids, but Kayla took issue and the ladies sparked a back and forth on Twitter.


"Now I'm Done. Cause I know my babydaddy ain't stand for non of this fu ass sh*t," wrote Kema. "Like I always ay Business gone get handled & stood on for him... && His babies gone be straight." She added, "On God if Kayla wanna go there we can. Ain't nobody jealous of no kid Bro. I cropped him out cause I was speaking on Von KIDS. That's not his son (even tho you made it seem like it is) so I took him out what I posted ain't nun more to that sh*t."

"I think it's sick as hell that Lil Toni have a whole DAD that help take care of him & you use to Lie to Von as if he didn't use to be helping you," Kema continued. "Von felt sorry for you bro, on my momma von called me & told me that. He thought you ain't have no help but you was Lying!... She stole his hard drives with his other music your trying to destroy his legacy. everything that's Von's belong to Von Mom. You so rich why stealing from your brother?? That's sick as hell."


Kema questioned Kayla's loyalty and claimed that when Von's music leaks, she's the person who calls Empire to have it removed. "That's what I DO. clout seeking ass. Where the f*ck them Missing Hardrives?" she asked Kayla. Kema also accused Kayla of telling Von that her son wasn't his and said she believes the rapper's sister is jealous.

Kayla sent out a few tweets of her own, alleging that Kema cropped her child out of a photo to spite her. "I never heard about no music being leaked !" Kayla wrote. "Making it seem like I had to lie so Von could do sh*t wen he did and was gone do wateva [crying laughing emoji] especially if I asked never told me no even if he said no first I still got it."

Some have criticized Kayla for repeatedly being involved in online antics tied to her late brother. Swipe below to read through the exchange in its entirety.