She may be in her self-professed final stages of grief, but that hasn't stopped Asian Doll from sharing stories about King Von. There have been plenty of tributes to the late rapper since his tragic death in November, but Asian Doll has arguably been the most vocal. She's uploaded private photos of them together, gone on Instagram Live to talk about their happier moments, purchased an iced-out chain of the rapper's likeness, and even received a large tattoo on the back of her hand of Von's portrait.

It seems that whenever she is personally confronted with a memory of Von, Asian Doll shares it on social media. On Wednesday (January 27), she returned with a story about the late rapper being happy with the little things. "Remember I got mad asl stormed out the house von called like come back so I turned right tf around," she wrote. "I stopped by the store got his fav candy & gave it to him when I pulled up lol y’all this man acted like I had a Diamond chain he was so happy about a candy bar lol."

"White chocolate Twix his favorite," Doll recalled. "Then he lost the candy bar in the house within 5 mins of me giving it to him lmfaoooo y’all why he tried to fight everybody in the house for that Twix." As the rapper continues to share bits about Von online, the case against the alleged suspects involved in his murder continues to build. 

Timothy Leeks, 22, was also shot during the altercation that took the lives of Von and 34-year-old Mark Blakely. Leeks has been charged with the murder of Von, but it's unclear who authorities believe is responsible for Blakely's death. Two other men, 21-year-old Johnny Harris and 23-year-old Kevin Jones, have also been arrested. They've been given charges related to gun possession and aggravated assault. 

Check out Asian Doll's posts below.

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