Just over two months after King Von’s passing on November 6th in Atlanta, Asian Doll took to Twitter to tell fans that she is coming to the end of her grieving process. On Wednesday, she Tweeted, “Everyday I take a step to move on. I’m healing I’m getting soooooo better.” Five minutes later, she followed up by saying, “I’m at my final stage of grief. I’m so ready for my new life.” 


When asked about how she managed to reach the final stage of grief, she responded by saying, “I had ALOT of help I wanna do a class about grieving because everybody need to seriously know that everybody grieve different if I ain’t have the help & believe in the things I do now it would’ve took me many years to get over it... I can tell you don’t have help like many others.”


Asian Doll took King Von’s passing very hard, but she’s been honoring him in her own special way. Earlier this month, she posted a video on Instagram of a chain she had made for herself in Von’s honor. In her caption, she wrote, “So Greatful Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart I Love My Jewerlers 4Life.”  


We wish the best for Asian Doll and hope that she can get back to being her best and happiest self soon.