King Von's sister Kayla has been trending on social media ever since the rapper's untimely death a few months ago. The rapper was killed following an altercation with Quando Rondo and his crew in a nightclub's parking lot, prompting Kayla to call out an Atlanta-based mortician who allegedly leaked photos of Von's body on the autopsy table. 

Kayla has had a higher profile in recent months, being spotted with 21 Savage, 50 Cent, and plenty of others as she continues getting booked for club appearances. She's become a social media star, hitting another party over the weekend with Von's cousin Baylo. According to a video shared by The Shade Room, Kayla and Baylo reportedly got into a scrap during the night.

Showing off his minor injuries following an apparent trip to the hospital, Baylo called out Kayla on Instagram. "Since Kayla wanna play Watch this lol hold on y'all, Had them weak was [sic] security try to escort Me off the stage for no reason I was throwing money so I threw money at her."

Footage from Baylo's stories seemingly shows Kayla rushing to him at one point during the night. It's unclear what caused the alleged fight between Baylo and Kayla but people are prematurely placing the blame on Kayla, commenting that she's probably the problem after all the drama she's been involved in recently.

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