Another day, another lawsuit either settled or started involving Kim Kardashian or her many family members. Reports from The Blast say the reality star has come to a private settlement with Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis who previously accused Kim of ripping off her international KW Cosmetics. 

Kim's line, KKW Beauty, was seen as a threat to Kirsten who accused Kim of purposely infringing on her trademark. Kim's lawyers drafted up a defense that read: “Considering Kardashian’s fame and access to over 100 million social media followers, no rational inference can be drawn that she would need or want to trick the public into associating her products with Kjaer Weis in order to gain exposure or traction.”

Now Kirsten has asked the courts to cancel the upcoming trial because they have come to an agreement. “The parties have agreed in principle to a settlement of all claims," documents read, adding that "the specific terms of the settlement will be finalized and memorialized in confidential settlement documents that the parties are currently drafting, and that the parties anticipate will fully resolve the matter consistent with the terms of the agreement in principle.”