Billionaire Kim Kardashian, in the midst of her high-profile divorce from Kanye West, now has more problems after a crazed fan sent her an extremely unsettling parcel. The package, intercepted by the Kardashian's security on June 3rd, contained a real diamond engagement ring alongside an unopened container of Plan B contraceptive. The package never reached Kim herself, though her and her security have reason to believe they know who sent it.

Her team believes the package was sent by a frequent stalker of Kim's who has shown up at her house numerous times in past months. He apparently visited the house for the first time in February where he asked numerous times to see her, but was turned away. He made his second appearance a few weeks ago where he showed up outside of her gate asserting that he was there to pick her up for dinner. 

Though his social media accounts have been removed, he has a history of harassing her online as well. Some of his obsessive posts include a marriage certificate he made himself and another post that read:"Queen Kimberly... sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor.” 

However, this package seems to be the last straw, and Kim and her team have begun the steps of filing a restraining order. Just a few weeks ago, the famed Kardashian successfully filed a restraining order for a different stalker who was posting videos of himself trying to figure out a way inside of her property.  

Needless to say, Kim's security team has a lot of work to do in deterring the increasing number if stalkers.