Kim Kardashian updated her Instagram feed in a big way today. The 37-year-old reality star removed all 25 of her Christmas family portraits where she led the creative direction of having all of her family members running around and posing in jeans and a white top.

Some fans are assuming the removal of the pics come after many slammed her for a "boring" Christmas day portrait reveal that didn't show Kylie Jenner in attendance. Many were expecting to see a vibrant, proud and pregnant Kylie since she wasn't in any other pics. Kylie's pregnancy rumours are still very much present, especially considering the recent photos that surfaced showing a woman who looks like Kylie with a very visible pregnant figure.

The photos also had people asking why Kourtney's baby daddy Scott Disick wasn't present for the photoshoot or even Rob Kardashian. Some fans even had a theory that Kendall Jenner was cropped in. 

Kim's removal of the photos could simply be because she wants to get back to a certain aesthetic of her feed, not wanting Holiday pics to be visible weeks after Christmas is over. 

As for this possible baby between Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott, only time will tell if she's really with a child or just riding these rumours to keep her name in the headlines. Overall, who really cares?