Advocates for Brandon Bernard are hoping that these won't be his final hours. The death row inmate is scheduled for execution this evening (December 10), but many of his supporters, including Kim Kardashian, are praying that the president pardons the man who was sentenced to death for his participation in a double homicide in 1999. According to Kardashian, Bernard was 18-years-old when he and a friend kidnapped and carjacked youth ministers Todd and Stacie Bagley. During the altercation, the gunman, not Bernard, shot the pair, and then turned the gun on Bernard and told him to light them on fire to destroy evidence. Stacie was still alive when she was burned to death.

Kardashian first brought attention to the case last year and she continues to speak out on Bernard's behalf. On her Instagram Story, Kim wrote, "1 hour until Brandon Bernard will be executed. It's #HumanRightsDay and here in the United States we are executing someone who was at the time of the crime, was not the shooter and has rehabilitated himself. So shameful." She added, "They are premeditating his murder and there's nothing we can do about it!!" Kim also wrote about her last call with Brandon where he told her he's claustrophobic so he was offered the option of receiving a sedative prior to his execution so that he wouldn't panic in his final moments.

Meanwhile, Dana Ladd, the stepsister to murder victim Stacie Bagley, told TMZ that Brandon Bernard is receiving the punishment that he deserves. Ladd also questioned Kim's support of Bernard. "I want her to think about if it was one of her children that Bernard did that to -- would she feel differently? It's easy for people to say things when they don't have similar experiences."

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