Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still enjoying the many bouquets of flowers and gifts family and friends are sending their way after the birth of their third child. With Chicago West seemingly getting all the love in the world from her happy parents, reports started going around that the celebrity couple is already planning on having their surrogate possibly carry their fourth child.

Instead of letting this rumour mill continue, Kim wanted to end it herself before it could grow to any extremes over the course of time - as many of these Kardashian rumours seem to go. 

Taking to Twitter, Kim retweets a headline suggesting the rumour and simply captions it "fake news."

As for the newest addition to her family, the name Chicago is reportedly based off Kanye's upbringing in the city. 

"Kim doesn’t have any obvious connection to the city of Chicago, but Kanye grew up there. He was raised in Chicago and it’s really where he started to thrive as an artist,: a source close to the family revealed. "His mother was also very connected to the city, so this is likely in part an homage to her."