According to new reports, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their latest daughter Chicago, born via surrogate, after the namesake city that Kanye grew up in. Having been born in Atlanta, Kanye and his late-mother Donda eventually moved to Chicago after she and his father divorced. Speaking with Entertainment Tonightan exclusive source reveals "Kim doesn’t have any obvious connection to the city of Chicago, but Kanye grew up there. He was raised in Chicago and it’s really where he started to thrive as an artist."

However, the name runs deeper than the city in which Kanye began to develop his skills as a musician, as the source also notes "his mother was also very connected to the city, so this is likely in part an homage to her." Donda, before her untimely death, was a professor at the University of Chicago. 

Kanye and Kim are reportedly feeling "on top of the world right now," as they celebrate the success of their surrogacy. The duo apparently refers to the baby as Chi (pronounced shy), and are ecstatic at the arrival of their new bundle-of-joy. This anonymous source reveals that "their house has been a revolving door of friends and family. It’s such a festive, happy time in their lives."

The couple is now beginning to feel content with their growing family, as the source also notes how "they are in their new home, which makes this even more exciting for them since it took forever to move into that. They just really feel complete right now."