As Kanye West pleas for his estranged wife to come home to him, the 41-year-old socialite continues to spend time with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Most recently, the couple were spotted grabbing breakfast in Beverly Hills on Saturday morning.

According to a TMZ report, Kim Kardashian and Davidson were eating when a Dutch music journalist named Paul Barewijk spotted them. Not wanting to disturb their meal, he sneakily took some selfies with the mother of four in the background. He later sheepishly approached the pair to show them the pictures he had snapped, explaining that “his encounter with them was sheer coincidence.”

When Paul asked KKW for a proper photo, she obliged, throwing up a peace sign and cute duck face while posing beside her new friend. Pete also took a selfie with the writer, showing off his black nail polish, copying his girl’s hand gesture. Apparently, Paul even flattered the comedian by gushing about how much the Netherlands love him on Saturday Night Live.

Davidson and Kardashian confirmed their relationship about mid-way through November. Shortly after, the 28-year-old was photographed with an unmissable hickey on his neck during date night, making their sudden union seem all the more serious. 

While Ye has yet to directly comment on the situation with Pete, he has been publicly acknowledging the mother of his children, even talking about their relationship narrative, and how he believes God will bring them back together prior to his thoughtful Thanksgiving prayer. The paper has been very active on social media as of late, and only time will tell if he’ll have something to say about his old friend wining and dining his wife as he tries to win her back.

Check out the photos of Pete and Kim having breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel here.