First Khloe Kardashian gets cheated on again by someone she called a good friend, then she gets criticized by people for allegedly photoshopping her body in a serious way and now she's getting slammed for a note she shared to Instagram that reads: "Love Thy Racist Neighbor."

Khloe shared an image to her Instagram story that starts off as some sentimental text about loving your neighbor. "Thy Homeless Neighbor, Thy Muslim Neighbor, Thy Black Neighbor, Thy Gay Neighbor, Thy White Neighbor, Thy Jewish Neighbor, Thy Christian Neighbor, Thy Atheist Neighbor," it read. But the last line that read "Thy Racist Neighbor," is what sparked the outrage, with people reminding Khloe that she has a biracial daughter.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

"Imagine having a black daughter and saying “love thy racist neighbour”, what (and I can’t stress this enough) the fuck," one user tweeted, while another added: "Khloe Kardashian told us to love our Homeless Neighbor, then turned around and told us to love our Racist neighbor 😂😂😂 is this bitch off the narcotic?"

Khloe has yet to respond or defend herself regarding her message, but with the amount of backlash she's received, she may be forced to just clarify what she was going for. Check out more reactions below.