Khloe Kardashian seems to have undergone a sudden change of heart concerning the cheating scandal rocking the Kardash empire. Over an hour ago, the disgruntled mother/ex jumped on Twitter in an effort to steer the controversy away from Jordyn Woods, whom she still considers, and I quote, "a little sister."


In a series of Tweets, three in total, Khloe absolved Kylie's bestie Jordyn Woods of all the guilt surrounding the "Tristan" infidelity. Moreover, Khloe really sticks it to her ball-playing ex, after which she openly admits, the cheating stuff "wasn't such a shock as the first time.." Who would have thunk?

It was reported literally yesterday that Khloe Kardashian was unhappy with Jordyn Woods over the Red Table Talk segment she taped with Jada Pinkett Smith, in the hopes of clearing up her public image. As you can see in the following Tweet, Khloe had everything right to feel pangs of indignation given how things played out in public.

At this key interval in the debacle, a red-hot Khloe Kardashian was still divided 50/50 in her blame over the guilty parties, the who did what (particulars) didn't seem to make a difference in the matter. To quote a wise beyond his age 21 Savage, "You can love somebody and still stab them in the back.. See loyalty is an action, you can love or hate me and still have my back." - "Ball w/o You"