Kevin Hart is still recovering from a car crash that almost left him paralyzed but it doesn't mean business stops since the actor's reportedly asking a judge to drop a case against him. The lawsuit was brought on by iGo Marketing & Entertainment who sued Kevin for not following through on a contract that gave them 15% of earnings from marketing deals. 

The marketing company previously won in court and was awarded $701,593.73 and then went back to the judge asking for the amount to be increased to $952,793.54, claiming a miscalculation. It's the latter that Kevin isn't down for, asking the judge to shut down the requested increase since he believes the first judgment price was accurate. “The entire premise of the plaintiff’s argument is false and specious," Hart stated, according to The Blast. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Aside from business matters, the 40-year-old recently checked out of in-patient care and was given the green light to go home after therapy to help him walk again. "He really cherishes the fact that he's alive, and wants to make the most of it in every respect. The crash had a huge impact on him," a source said of Kevin's mental state

We hope to see Kevin make a strong comeback.