Last year we posted on the lawsuit Kevin Hart got pulled into when iGo Marketing & Entertainment sued the Night School actor for not following through on his contractual agreement. As the story goes, Kevin didn't follow through on his "marketing and celebrity tie-in deals." The man who made the contract was supposed to get 15% on all deals he made for Kevin that involved "Miller-Coors, Coke-Zero, Vitamin Water, Electronic Arts, two deals with Caesars Entertainment, the Cosmopolitan Hotel and a deal with Verizon Wireless."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

But when Kevin locked a deal with Rally Healthcare in 2015 that gave him payments in cash and stocks and then later canceled the deal, iGo Marketing & Entertainment claimed they fell short on promised payments. Kevin was sued for $1.8 million and the actor also countersued the company for using his name for marketing. All Hip Hop now reports that Kevin has lost his court battle and while he doesn't have to pay the $1.8 million, the publication details how he has 60 days to cough up $700,000.

If Kevin doesn't pay the fine in two months, he'll face more legal action that could potentially cost him even more.