When Kevin Hart was recruited to host the Oscars last year, he referred to the opportunity as a dream come true. As you all know by now, the show went on without a host after the comedian decided to step down from the gig when older homophobic tweets of his resurfaced. Hart has been very vocal and apologetic about his past and after going on an apology tour, he was all but forgiven. Many of the headlines involving the world-renowned funnyman have been about his recovery after this weekend's terrifying car crash. However, some sources are beginning to report on the backlash that he is receiving after his appearance on The Shop with Kevin Love, Lil Nas X, and others.

On the new episode of LeBron James' show, country-rap star Lil Nas X spoke about his decision to come out as gay, reflecting on his decision to do so while he had the top song in the country. When asked about his choice to come out, Kevin Hart chimed in with some comments. "He said he was gay... so what!?" asked the comedian. LNX said that growing up, he and basically everyone is conditioned to believe that homosexuality is wrong. Hart didn't understand the statement though, pressing him on why he believes that. "Come on now," said Nas X calmly. "If you really from the hood, you know." He went on to explain that he wasn't looking for attention, noting that since his song was on top of the world, it just made sense to make the announcement at that time.

People are not happy with the way Kevin Hart reacted during the interview. Needless to say, he's getting called out left and right for this. Do you think he was wrong for responding this way?