She's not one to share too much about her personal life, but we learned a little bit more about Kelly Rowland on Wednesday (April 8). The private Destiny's Child singer keeps much about her marriage and home life under wraps, so it was surprising to hear her speak candidly about a few of her favorite sex toys. This COVID-19 pandemic has us all quarantined at home, so many celebrities are coming up with ways to keep fans entertained all the while escaping boredom themselves. Kelly Rowland linked up with her good friend LaLa Anthony on Instagram Live and during their casual conversation, the topic of bedroom toys came up.

Kelly Rowland, LaLa Anthony, Sex
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Kelly's immediate interest had LaLa chugging Ciroc out of the bottle. After Kelly admitted that she'd "already had four" drinks herself, she mentioned one toy that has seemed to treat her right. "You know the little rings that goes around...," Kelly said as she trailed off while making an "O" shape with her finger. You can use your imagination to figure out what she was talking about. "That's so nice."

LaLa mentioned that someone in the comments said that men aren't open to using sex toys in the bedroom because they don't want to accept that a woman can handle business without them. "You can always have a warmup, a brief warmup," Kelly added. "And then have them watch your brief warmup and then have them join you."

LaLa couldn't help but laugh at her friend's honesty before telling her, "You're a freak." Watch Kelly Rowland talk about her kinks below.