Katy Perry recently headed to court to fight a suit filed against her by a trio of American Christian rappers, who claimed the pop star copied the beat from her 2013 hit single "Dark Horse" from them. She attended the downtown LA court, with the controversial co-defendant, Dr. Luke - her long-time co-writer who she previously denied in court papers tried to rape her. Just as a backstory, fellow pop star, Ke$ha, claimed in an old text to Lady Gaga that Luke raped Perry, also admitting that he had raped and bullied her. The two have been in a very long-running legal dispute as Luke denies all allegations though. On a completely lighter note, the singer caused a wave of laughter to erupt when she made one particularoffer after technical issues ensued, preventing her song to be played.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Perry and Dr Luke, along with four other individuals associated with the single, are being sued by rappers Flame and D.A. Truth, and the track in question's creator, Chike Ojukwu, who claim that Perry's hit has the same intro as their 2007 song "Joyful Noise." Perry and her team denied the claim, citing over 25 minutes of evidence and insisting that they had never heard of the rappers or their song. When technical issues prevented her song being played for the judge to asses, she caused the packed courtroom to burst into laughter when she suggested: 'I could perform it for you live.'