Dr. Luke's attorney is coming down hard on Kesha, alleging the singer to have spread false rumours about the producer that negatively impacted his career. As we know, Kesha claimed many years ago that Dr. Luke drugged her and raped her and is seeking to get dropped from her record deal. The latest on the case is that Kesha reportedly lied in a text message to Lady Gaga, when she said Dr. Luke drugged and raped Katy Perry

Page Six reports that Kesha and Gaga then “coordinated to post graphics on their Twitter and Instagram pages” of the text message, to boost Kesha's case. 

“For the purpose of furthering her malicious plan to destroy [Dr. Luke’s] reputation and blacklist [him] from the music industry, [Kesha] also repeated her false statements that she had been drugged and raped by Gottwald to other artists,” Jeffrey M. Movit says in court papers. “In addition, she also spread a knowingly false and wholly defamatory accusation that Gottwald had raped another female recording artist."

Jeffrey adds: “Following this text message conversation, and with [Kesha’s] encouragement, [Lady Gaga] spread negative messages about [Dr. Luke] in the press and on social media."

The publication says that Jeffrey took Katy's deposition, but the documents do not share what the singer had to say.