Springtime was strange for Kanye West. While the enigmatic personality was hard at work crafting five albums, including his own solo project Ye, he also happened to be at the center of a veritable media firestorm. Eventually, his antics culminated in a phone call with Hot 97's Ebro, who proved a worthy foil for Yeezy's headstrong "optimism." Suffice it to say, the pair did not quite find common ground, though a mutual respect remained evident (if not dormant). After all, it takes one party to call and another two answer.

Now, in the throes of autumn, Ebro has once again experienced a Kanye West phone call. The tone is immediately set when Ebro inquires about his mysterious whereabouts, to which Kanye replies "we not on that." Alien Ye, indeed. He proceeds to reveal his plans of visiting the White House on October 11th, hopefully bringing Colin Kaepernick along for the ride. Ebro appears confidence that Kaep will decline the offer, speaking on his behalf with a staunch "we not on that." Though Kanye presses Ebro on the "we" tip, Ebro seems to feel that a discussion with Donald Trump would serve to undermine Colin Kaepernick's work.

Though we aren't privy to Ye's perspective on the conversation, it seems likely that he was frustrated by Ebro's refusal to budge. "We ain't playing games bro," says Ebro. "You think that just because you have a relationship with the president everybody want to clamber up to the White House? We not doing that!" He also explains that Trump owes Kaep an apology, and until that moment, no ground can truly be made up.

 While both sides put forth worthy points, it should be noted that Alice Marie Johnson is a free woman, thanks to a meeting from Kim Kardashian. It may be ridiculed by some, but in reality, Kardashian's move was a win for those seeking social justice. Of course, the ongoing issue is certainly more nuanced than that, and political disputes will likely continue to play out in an "us vs. them" fashion. In the meantime, Ebro seems content to play the gatekeeper, keeping Kanye West's grandiose notions in check to the best of his ability. Who is right on this one?