Kanye West is taking a very different approach to the release of Waves (fka SWISH). Whereas Yeezus was full on minimalism, with almost little warning until the album dropped. Waves is the third title to the album, and now Kanye has tweeted his handwritten tracklist for the third time.

The page is getting pretty crowded so let us break down all the new tidbits of information that are scribbled on the page. We're all working with the same photo, so alternative theories are welcome in the comments.

1. "Nina Chop" seems to have either been replaced or renamed to "Famous," which is a shame because the original is a great song title, and it may have been produced by Hudson Mohawke (co-producer of "Blood On The Leaves")

2. A dual arrow pointing between the words WAVES and Fearless suggests an alternate album title or subtitle.

3. A tag with the words 'Earl' have appeared, suggesting Earl Sweatshirt is on the album.

4. The "Chance" tag can only point to one Chance, the Rapper. Maybe he and Earl already made good on their interest in working together?

5. Rap legend Doug E. Fresh gets a tag in, so he's involved somehow.

6. Big Boy, a radio DJ (not to be confused with Big Boi), is listed. He's not a rapper so we'll see what his involvement entails.

7. Plain Pat gets a tag in at the bottom, so his production will definitely be present.

8. T Mills is Tracey Mills, a designer for Kanye West.

We'll be updating this as more of the notepad's secrets are revealed.