This summer, Kanye West seemingly suffered from a bipolar episode, voicing his thoughts on Twitter, for better or for worse. Sometimes, he would make public his amazing ideas, like his farm-to-table initiative. Other times, he would speak out against abortion, vaccination, and more, continuing his spoiler run for President.

He appears to be more lucid now, with more of his public ideas ranging on the positive end of the spectrum. 

Last night, he made sure to send prayers to a number of different sources, including those struggling through the pandemic and the victims of police brutality.

"Praying for Armenia Praying for Breonna Taylor’s family Praying for a world ravaged by the pandemic Praying for God’s love to cover us all," wrote Kanye on Twitter. Earlier that night, he had a date night with his wife Kim Kardashian West, which seems promising considering rumors of their divorce.

"Cover our friends and family soften the hearts of the world," added Ye. "Thank you God for our lives. In Jesus name Amen."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kanye has been vocal lately about the social climate in the United States, attending protests this summer in Chicago and donating millions of dollars for the cause. He also reportedly set up a college fund for George Floyd's daughter.

This weekend, Kanye also finally teased some new music, previewing a euphoric-sounding Lauryn Hill sample.