It's unclear whether or not Kanye West will be on the presidential ballot for America's 2020 election, but while we wait on news about that, Ye continues to tweet away his thoughts. Earlier today (July 31), Kanye returned to Twitter following a tense reunion with his wife Kim Kardashian. He recently shared a few scathing comments about his family and mother-in-law, and later, Ye gave a public apology to Kim. However, this hasn't stopped Kanye West from speaking out about his anti-abortion stance—a topic that he cares about deeply.

Kanye West, Abortion, Twitter
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty Images

Historically, Margaret Sanger, the person responsible for what we now know as Planned Parenthood, was a firm believer in eugenics. Simply, she, along with many others including Nazi Germany, believed that the human race could be perfected genetically by eradicating the less favorable groups to eventually breed a supreme, perfect human being (believed to be White). Kanye has spoken out about Sanger's use of abortion to do just that, and he tweeted a link to a New York Post article that stated Planned Parenthood in New York planned on removing Sanger's name from their clinic. He didn't pen a caption to that post, but he followed up in another.

"Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years," Kanye wrote. He hasn't offered up any other conversation regarding this topic other than previously writing that he didn't understand why people were so concerned when he cried about almost aborting his daughter. Check out the rapper's most recent tweets below.