After the Twitter mess that ensued yesterday, you knew someone was gonna be hit with Charlamagne's notorious "Donkey of the Day" snub this morning, and that someone was Mr. West. 

A quick recap what went down: On Tuesday night, Kanye changed his album title from SWISH to WAVES, and Wiz Khalifa thought taking the latter title was disrespectful to the incarcerated Max B, whose legacy is defined by the word "wavy." The next day, after Wiz tweeted about "KK" (Khalifa Kush), Kanye thought shade was being thrown at his wife (Kim Kardashian), and he proceeded to go on a 30-something tweet rant, during which he claimed ownership of Wiz' son with Amber Rose

Unsurprisingly, Kanye is a past Donkey of the Day recipient, and Charlamagne prefaced this morning's edition with a soundbite of 'Ye reacting quite positively to receiving the dishonor. 

The ultimate offense 'Ye committed yesterday, according to Charlamagne, was his knee-jerk reaction to Wiz tweeting "KK," which sparked the entire rant. "This is the equivalent of sending your mom or your dad abbreviations, and they don't know what the hell you're talking about," said Charlamagne, who believes Kanye took the "L" from that point forward: 

"This whole rant is null and void because the basis of what set it off is the OG not understanding the young boy's slang." 

Charlamagne went on to criticize some of the insults Kanye directed at Wiz, including that he got trapped by a stripper, meaning Amber Rose, who also happens to be 'Ye's former girlfriend. Charlamagne feels that if Wiz got trapped by a stripper, then it's fair to say that Kanye "got trapped by an amateur porn star," referring to Kim's infamous sex tape with Ray J

After 'Ye simmered down yesterday, Amber Rose happened to swoop in and grab the last word by calling him a "#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch," an insult Charlamagne thinks Yeezy deserves for starting his entire rant off on a false premise. 

The Breakfast Club co-host finished his own rant by explaining how the world should be focusing on WAVES, but instead, is now wondering about Kanye's booty fetish. Listen to the entire clip below.