There are plenty of people vying for spots on reality television shows in hopes of expanding their brands. A surefire way to become a well-known figure, and maybe even a celebrity, is to land a position on a popular series. However, not everyone who involves themselves with such platforms is happy with the result, and after watching their bad behaviors, they often regret their reality television features. Not K. Michelle.

Noel Vasquez / Stringer / Getty Images

We've watched as she's shaken tables, popped people in the face with flowers, gotten her wig snatched off by a woman she was sleeping with, and engaged in multiple screaming matches with her Love & Hip Hop co-stars. While others like Evelyn Lozada and Draya Michele have spoken openly about regretting some of the decisions that they've made on reality television, K. Michelle said she wouldn't take back a thing.

While speaking with Out Loud with Claudia Jordan about hitting Mimi Faust in the face with roses, she said, "I wouldn't take that back...that was necessary." The singer also said that she's never tried to reconcile relationships that went sour. "I don't care about them girls," she added saying that those friendships were one-sided. "They were never my friends. They just wanted camera time. One of 'em even said that."

K. revealed that the only person she's friends with from Love & Hip Hop is Karli Redd, but Claudia wanted to know about the singer's ongoing feud with Joseline Hernandez. K. Michelle laughed at the suggestion of her and Joseline collaborating on a song together. When asked to rate Joseline's rap skills, she simply said, "I'm not here to bash that lady." Watch her clip below and check out what else she had to say about having her butt injections removed.