Three 6 Mafia's impact in the rap game has been as evident as ever over the past few years. It feels like many rappers, especially the ones that have emerged since 2012, have paid homage to the iconic Memphis group in some sort of fashion. This year alone, we've heard Cardi B, Rae Sremmurd, G-Eazy and many more sample or interpolate their songs. However, the possibilities of Juicy J joining forces with the rest of Three 6 Mafia seems to be in the air. 

DJ Paul recently spoke to Complex about the possibilities of a Three 6 Mafia reunion. Although he's down for it, he claims that one of the co-founders had "resigned" from the group.

"Me and him had a conversation maybe four months back,” Paul told Complex. "What he told me was, ‘I’m done with Three 6 Mafia and I’m just gonna keep moving forward with my solo stuff.’ His solo stuff has been successful, so I wasn’t tripping out. Everyone has seen it coming. Me and him haven’t worked together in years."

However, Juicy J's manager seemed to tell a different story.

"He’s not resigning from the group,” Juicy's manager Ray said. “We still planning in the future [to] do some Three 6 Mafia stuff.”

Paul stood by his initial stance and said that he doesn't deal with Juicy J's manager. He said that he and Juicy J deal with each other, the same way they have for the past 25+ years. However, DJ Paul is still down for a reunion, if it's done in the right way. 

"If it comes back and [is] done right, I’m down with it. It just has to be written out. It has to be like a movie. It has to be planned out right, have all the right parts, and then we can press play.” He said.