City Girls' rapper JT has never been one to not respond directly to critics on her respective social media avenues. While Twitter happens to be her preferred mode of communication, she does take to Instagram every once in a while to respond directly to her noisiest haters. Yesterday (March 6), the "Jobs" artist was slammed on Twitter after she blocked a fan dying of cancer on the platform whom she had assumed was a bot. The hate got so bad for the 28-year-old Miami native that she deactivated her account, later taking to Instagram live to further explain what went down.  

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for BET

Following the whole ordeal, the other half of the City Girls' also let out a testy tweet letting people know her true feelings regarding the situation. "F*ck y'all * ole girl! How bout that?" she penned in a since-deleted tweet Saturday. This is what prompted JT, who has since returned to Twitter, to take to Instagram to explain she wasn't saying telling the poor girl with cancer to eff off.

"I block people. It's nothing and when I say that sh*t it's weird I done had full blown arguments with that grown ass women and that had nothing to do with that girl with cancer," she explained in the video.

"I was in the middle of the argument and now I'm cancelled? I was in the middle of an argument she was under my sh*t, people was arguing with her, it was too much going on. So I blocked her and said imma get back to you cus in my eyes you're a bot! If you under my sh*t everytime I upload. Stop tryna make it seem like it's f*cked up talking about it's f*ck her, y'all and that little girl, I would never say f*ck nobody with no f*cking cancer. Get the f*ck out of here. 

"And I deactivated my Twitter because everything I say and do now, I can't even be happy in peace. Y'all always..." she ended.

This Twitter break was not as extended as her previous ones, and she returned to the platform just hours later. What do you guys make of JT's explanation? Do you buy it or no? Sound off in the comments.