Her romance with Lil Uzi Vert has been a hot topic for some time, but recently, JT faced rumors that she is with child. The City Girls rapper has a love-hate relationship with her internet followers as some are true fans who support her while others regularly criticize her career and personal decisions. After she recently took to the stage for a live performance, a video began to circulate and soon, the rapper faced gossip that she may be pregnant. 

JT remained relatively quiet when it came to addressing the internet discussions about her womb, but she resurfaced on Friday (September 24) to lay the rumors to rest.

Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

"B*tch can't even use emojis no more! I let y'all rock cause on some serious sh*t if I was pregnant what y'all gone do?" she asked, before also addressing people who pointed out that she may have been wearing a wristband that helped with nausea. "Nothing!As a women half y'all hoes need to go educate y'all self nausea not only caused by pregnancy! & the way I control me nausea shouldn't be y'all business." 

"Females & n*ggas who don't have a p*ssy really lost they marbles I was like okay once they see no stomach they'll stop but now y'all just getting weirder," JT continued. "[And] weirder y'all blogs & y'all b*tches LEAVE ME ALONE." She also mentioned that reading through the comments made her insecure about her weight. 

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