From the seemingly out-of-nowhere "Mask Off" freestyle diss to accusing Logic of ripping off the title of his first international top 10 single as a lead artist, ascendant rapper Joyner Lucas clearly has little respect for his Gaithersburg, Maryland-bred adversary. Aside from attacking his lyricism, work ethic and artistic merit as a whole, Lucas proved he has no hesitation about coming for the man himself after throwing some serious social media side-eye at Logic's soon-to-be ex-wife Jessica Andrea. In response, Logic, who has never been praised for his diss attempts responded to the escalating tension between himself and Lucas by dropping the track "Yuck" on his sixth mixtape Bobby Tarantino II which debuted at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. Not one to take a studio diss lying down, Lucas stepped up to blast the "Black SpiderMan" rapper by prompting him to actually name names next time and not cower under the anonymity of generalized, blanket insults. 

While the court of public opinion seems to be siding with the "I'm Not Racist" rapper at the moment, Logic still has time to turn the beef around and attempt to match Lucas' lyricism bar for bar with a more specific and direct behind-the-mic assault. Check out the evolution of the beef between Logic and Joyner Lucas that just was too raw to stay buried in 2017.