Jordan Peele is doing the most in the absolute best way. The Us director and writer dominated the box office this weekend with the premiere of his sophomore film and while we wait for more on his Candyman reboot he's come through to drop off the official trailer for his Twilight Zone reboot. The new show is a revival from the 1980s series where each episode takes you on a ride of sci-fi suspense, sometimes filled with horror and always a weird twist. 

The original was hosted by Rod Serling and the reboot is now led by Jordan, who also serves as executive producer. From what we can see from the suspenseful trailer, the new roll-out of episodes will touch on futuristic and psychological fears - a Black Mirror vibe, if you will. The cast alone adds anticipation since Seth Rogen, Sanaa Lathan, Tracy Morgan, DeWanda Wise,  Jacob Tremblay, Jefferson White, Jonathan Whitesell, Jessica Williams and lots more star in the show. 

The Twilight Zone premieres Monday, April 1 on CBS. Peep the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!