Joey Bada$$ ignited a beef with Lil B earlier this week when he tweeted a Capital STEEZ line directed at the Based God. Since then, both rappers have released diss tracks, but the beef continued to escalate on Twitter, with Lil B's large fan-base (aka the Task Force) apparently harassing young Joey.

Last night it seems Joey's frustrations with Lil B enthusiasts and the rap game came to an all-time high, resulting in the deletion of his Twitter account. Joey tweeted: "This rap game is so ass i shouldve stayed in school." His final tweets before deleting his account were directed at Lil B's Task Force. "I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my twitter. Y'all taskforce niggas is pussy. Gay ass computer nerds. Come to my face with that taskforce shit ill punch u in ya throat."

We'll have to see if this is a forever-deletion or if the Pro Era member returns to the Twittersphere soon. In the meantime catch Joey on Facebook.


[Update: Joey Returns to Twitter]

After a two-day hiatus, Joey Bada$$ returned to Twitter in a way that would've made Kanye proud:

He seems to be right back in the swing of things, having tweeted or retweeted more than 60 times since he rejoined not five hours ago. He announced a new track with Statik Selektah and the beginning of the upcoming Pro Era tour, and also called for beats.

He's made it clear that the hiatus had nothing to do with taunting from the Based God's Task Force.