Those with dogs understand that they are more than pets, but rather true companions. Any owner who lost their dog will likely speak to the difficulty of such a process, sometimes even equating it to the passing of a family member. Today, Joe Budden is dealing with exactly that. The rapper turned media mogul took to Instagram to mourn the loss of his dog Harlem, who has been a part of the Budden family for 15 years. Sharing a picture of the pair, Budden penned an emotional eulogy of sorts.

"15 long years my guy has been there by my side. A part of my immediate family," writes Budden. "You lived a long, healthy, rich & unbothered life. 1 love to easily the coolest pit bull I’ll ever meet. Loved by many & im sure you’ll be missed by many more. Brooklyn won’t be well in your absence, none of us will be. Just glad i was able to hug you goodbye. Today is a sad day in the Budden household. Rest In Peace to my guy Harlem."

Our thoughts go out to Budden in this difficult time. Losing a dog is never easy. All the best, Joe.