Earlier this week, D12's Bizarre and 50 Cent aimed shots at Joe Budden for the comments he made about Eminem's Revival album. There comments came after Eminem released the "Chloraseptic (Remix) with 2 Chainz and Phresher. There were speculations Eminem fired shots at Joe Budden's comments about the tracklist and project which both Bizarre and 50 Cent seemed to believe were true. However, it seems that Joe Budden isn't buying it one bit.

Joe Budden released another episode of his "Joe Budden Podcast" earlier today where he addressed the drama with Bizarre that occurred. The rapper seems to think that Eminem isn't firing shots at him on the track at all. 

"So here's my question: why do people think he's talking about me? Because I heard it finally," he asked.

His co-hosts later explain that because of the platform he's had over the course of 2017, the things he said had an impact on the culture. However, Joe explains that he was one of the few people that defended the album's tracklist. He also admits he's yet to listen to the album because he's waiting to dive into it deeply.

"I couldn't have trashed the album I never heard. And I was the lone person defending the tracklist. So much so, that n*ggas said, 'Uh, Joe, you dickridin' man. You bias. You won't say nun'," he said.

Despite this, Joe Budden had high praises for Eminem, Phresher and 2 Chainz efforts on "Chloraseptic (Remix)." 

"I don't think Em was talking about me, number one. But boy, did he kill that verse," he said.

He also responded to 50 Cent by saying that he has nothing to do with the beef but he is in the midst of promoting his "Den Of Thieves" movie. He also said that he's confused by why Bizarre even chimed in in the first place.

You could listen to the full podcast below. They begin speaking on it at the 2:07 bit.