Tory Lanez has been calling out rappers left, right and center in an attempt to prove that he's one of the nicest on the microphone. There's an argument to be made about how Tory Lanez' lyrical ability is often overlooked due to his versatility and his penchant for melody. Last week, Tory declared himself the "best rapper alive" before claiming that J. Cole and Pusha T wouldn't be able to go bar-for-bar with him. Now, J.I.D has come to the defense of the Dreamville boss and got some jokes off in response to Tory's confidence.

J.I.D is often cited as one of the nicest emcees of the new generation of rappers. Following Tory's recent banter with Don Q, J.I.D took to Twitter to recount the time he toured with Tory in 2016 -- when he claims the Canadian rapper began to bald.

"Lol I went on tour w Tory Lanes in 2016 wen he just start losing his hair, 2018 this nigga got his hair back and start losing his mind," he wrote. "Bruh just wana get close to cole but drop the records u bold balding brother @torylanez lol."

Tory then responded to J.I.D and challenged the Dreamville rapper to go bar-for-bar with him on a track.

"lolol you know you my lil brother ... so I'm not gone diss u . but lets go on a song and bar out . and let the people decide who ripped it harder. and who has better bars . flows ETC . you can be first," Tory wrote. "BUT then again if you wanna take the other route ... we can do that too ... go ahead and roll the dice."

Although Tory called out Cole last week, during an IG Live session with Akademiks today, the Canadian rapper claimed he wanted to take out the whole Dreamville squad before taking on J. Cole.