Jhene Aiko released her new EP, Sail Out, today, along with the official music video for "The Worst." Jhene has had a big year, being featured on Drake's albumNothing Was The Same seems to have led to her appearance on Drizzy's "Would You Like A Tour?" as well, apart from her brand new EP, Jhene also has an album on the way, Souled Out.

In a new interview with Noisey Jhene spoke on what it's like to be on tour with Drake, Future and Miguel. She says she stays away from the "social stuff" aka pulling chicks after show (however, apparently she does hang out with Drake's dad-- see photo above). 

When asked about the tour, the West Coast singer says, "It’s cool. I don’t do a lot of the social stuff because I’m an old lady at heart."

She continued, "So I mean, it’s fun. They’re all silly boys, like “Oh. You guys are crazy!” There are women that travel with the tour like Drake’s vocal coach, and there’s a tailor.  Older women. We kind of bond like, “Anybody got the Midol?” They’re not used to that, so they like having a young girl around. Me and my road manager don’t like going out so [the boys] say, “You guys don’t like us.  You don’t have fun with us.” No, that’s just not our thing.  Like what are we gonna do? We’re not going to be your wing girls. You know how boys are. They flirt with everyone. We’re the consistent ones then they bring girls around and we’re like, “Oh see! Exactly.” What if we were taking you guys seriously?"

Jhene went on to talk about female groupies versus male groupies, saying that the females may be more aggressive. "The female fans are more hardcore at approaching me like “Oh. Can I kiss you?” “Sign my boobs.” The guys are more... Sometimes I don’t know if they’re trying to talk to me or if they know who I am, like “Can I get your number?” I’m like, “Am I just a regular girl right now or?” I don’t know," said Jhene.

Jhene ended the interview by giving us a brief update on her Souled Out album-- which she says is complete. "The album is done. Production-wise, final touches and mixing are still left. I’m always recording more songs. I’m working on the next and the next project. In my dream world, the album would come first quarter of next year.  For sure, 2014 though. FOR SURE…or I’m going hoe bangin’ on somebody," Jhene promised.

Check out Jhene get into some trouble in the new visual for "The Worst" below.