Although Drake has remained tight-lipped about his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same, the rapper took to Twitter last night to confirm one artist that'll appear on the LP: rising singer Jhene Aiko.

That's about all we know for now, so stay tuned. As Drizzy says, this is a momentous occasion. 

[UPDATE: Jhene Aiko Talks On Collaboration, Drake Discredits Rumors That The Track Is Called "Momentous Occasions"]

Drake tweeted back in the beginning of June that rising L.A. singer Jhene Aiko would be appearing on his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same. Along with this he wrote "Momentous Occasion," which seemed to be interpreted by some as the actual title of the song.

Drake took to Twitter to confirm that is not the case, and he add that that would be a "terrible title." Drizzy also revealed who worked on the track with him and Jhene-- his go-to 40, as well as piano from Chilly Gonzales. 

Drake tweeted, "might be my new favorite song," before adding, "The song is not called Momentous Occasions. That's a terrible title."

Jhene Aiko also spoke on the collaboration recently with Fuse TV, although she didn't want to say too much on it.

"I am not going to say too much. Recording the song and working with him, period, was a momentous occasion," Jhene said. "Because I think he is amazing, like a magical being for me, like a unicorn or something. He is somebody I like to listen to to get inspired and helps me write from an honest place. Recording that song was more of a personal experience because we sat with [Drake producer Noah] 40 [Shebib] and I got to help pick the beat, take it home and record to it. That was more of a collaboration than other tracks I've done."

You excited to hear this?