This week has been plagued with cheating rumors concerning Jennifer Lopez and her new fiancé Alex Rodriguez. While they just got engaged this weekend, Jose Canseco decided to spice things up by accusing A-Rod of sleeping with his ex-wife Jessica Canseco. As you would expect, social media was shook about the allegations. Jessica has denied the news and Rodriguez appears to be laughing it off. A new twist was added today though because a few outlets photographed the baseball star with a possible black eye at the airport.

Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé put on a united front when they arrived in Miami but people couldn't help but notice a bruise right under Rodriguez' left eye. The athlete has not commented on the apparent bruise yet. It's unclear if A-Rod actually does have a black eye but there's definitely a bump on his face, leading many to wonder if Jose Canseco caught up to him.

Things keep getting more muddled in this saga. Lopez was rocking her $4.5 million engagement ring as they trekked through the airport, staying close to her man when they arrived in Florida. At least things appear to still be going strong for the couple. What do you think actually happened?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images