Jessica Canseco, ex-wife of former MLB star Jose Canseco, has denied allegations set forth by her ex-husband that she and Alex Rodriguez have been having an affair behind Jennifer Lopez's back. 

Jose took to social media on Sunday, shortly after A-Rod and JLo's engagement, with a series of tweets in which he accused Rodriguez of sleeping around. Jessica responded with a tweet of her own on Tuesday which reads:

"Those false accusations Jose is making are not true!🖐🏻I have known Alex for many years and haven’t even seen him for over 5. I certainly did not sleep with him. I am friendly with both him and Jennifer. As for Jose he can keep playing with his Alien friends😂🤦‍♀️"

Jessica added that she re-downloaded the Twitter app specifically to shut down the rumors.

"In fact I don't even get on twitter had to download app again and don't watch tv and had no idea any of this was going on," she tweeted. "Last time I saw Alex he was with Torrie [Wilson] and I brought my boyfriend over for dinner. We are just friends my god."

In addition to accusing Jessica and A-Rod of having an affair, Jose Canseco said he's willing to take a polygraph test as proof that he's not lying. He also challenged the former Yankees slugger to a fight.

"Alex Rodriguez I challenge you to a boxing match or an MMA match anytime you want"

This isn't the first time that Canseco looked to damage A-Rod's reputation. In his 2008 book, “Vindicated,” Canseco claimed to have introduced Rodriguez to his steroid supplier and mentioned that the Yankees Slugger was interested in his now ex-wife Jessica during the late 1990s.