Jeezy On "The Truth" With Elliott Wilson

Kevin Goddard
July 17, 2014 20:53

Jeezy meets up with Elliott Wilson to discuss his upcoming album "Seen It All", & what happened with Freddie Gibbs on "The Truth."

Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson is back with another episode of his interview segment “The Truth”. Last week, we saw Common dissect his tenth studio album, Nobodys Smiling, and today we see Jeezy hit the NYC streets to talk about his.

During their lengthy 24-minute chat, Jeezy opened up on several different topics, including his connection with YG, the track “My Nigga” blowing up, working with the younger generation, his upcoming album Seen It All, working with Jay Z, and much more.

The Snowman also gives his thoughts on the whole Freddie Gibbs and CTE situation not working out. He states (Around 13 minute mark),

“It could of. I put him on a song with Eminem. I put him on a song with T.I.. I put him on numerous mixtapes that I had. I took him on tour, took him around the world. I spent money on videos that he didn’t use cause he didn’t like them and it wasn’t his money. My whole thing was I took him to every label in the game, they don’t want to sign you. I love you, I think your music is dope but they don’t wanna sign you."

"At the end of the day, I called him up “Yo, I can’t really spend my money on you. I got family and other shit I gotta take care off. I’ll help you all I can but I can’t fund it anymore.” Conversation went well. It was straight, love. I hear diss records, I’m not replying to that we getting money. YG just sold a million fuckin' singles. At the end of the day we all tried. Shit happens in business all the time”

Watch the informative chat above. (Shouts 2 RX)

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Jeezy On "The Truth" With Elliott Wilson