It's been a chaotic week over at the Quality Control building. Rumors exploded on the Internet in late November that Lil Baby dropped $100K on Saweetie during a shopping spree. Then, the ICY GRL rapper fueled the rumors after posting a picture of her with a "mystery man" that many believed to be Lil Baby. Of course, Baby and Quavo, who is Saweetie's ex, are labelmates, so naturally, that would be an awkward scenario. However, Quavo's suggestion to "swap it out" earned some attention from Lil Baby's child's mom, Jayda Cheaves.

Still, fans are hoping that Jayda and Lil Baby will be able to work things out in the future. Though the couple was spotted days after the Internet debacle at the launch of her Pretty Little Things collection, it doesn't look like either one of them has any intention of working things out. 

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Jayda hopped on Instagram Live this week where she fielded a few questions from fans. Though she requested that no one ask her about anyone in specific, one fan couldn't help but use the opportunity to inquire about Jayda's current standing with Lil Baby.

"Because, you know, people just -- time. Time tells everything. Some people just outgrow each other," she said. "It's life but I told you don't come here and ask about that and you came straight on here and asked about it."

Later on, Jayda also detailed her experience being detained in Jamaica and later being convicted for possession of an illegal firearm. Jayda detailed her fear as she was separated from the person she was initially detained with. She said that she ended up having to send her lawyer a $50K retainer, even though she settled the case for $5K and received a $4K refund. Nonetheless, she said she would return to Jamaica in the future.