DJ Khaled's Khaled Khaled has yet to land a release date, but we've already seen the first two singles the project has to offer in "Popstar" and "Greece." And while neither of the Drake-assisted tracks broke any particular boundaries, it's never a bad idea to line an album with Drizzy features when one is concerned about the sales numbers. Now, with his twelfth studio effort set to arrive at some point this year, Khaled continues to tease some Khaled Khaled's possible guest appearances -- including a potential collaboration with Jay-Z.

 Noel Vasquez/GC Images/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, DJ Khaled shared a throwback picture of himself and Jay-Z in the studio, along with the caption "Shawn Carter Khaled Khaled." Now, it could be a simple case of Khaled highlighting their birth names -- but it could just as easily infer that Jay will be appearing on Khaled Khaled, as he has graced Khaled's previous albums with "Top Off," "Grateful," and "I Got The Keys." Given the track record, it's all but ensured that the Jigga Man will carry on the tradition.

Again, this is purely speculative, based on a collaborative history and the cryptic yet specific nature of the caption. Provided a new Jay-Z and DJ Khaled collaboration does come to fruition, however, one has to wonder how it will sound. Given that both have come to emobdy that mogul life, it wouldn't be surprising to see that particular ground get covered -- though in reality, it could be nice to hear Jay-Z let loose a bit like he did on "I Got The Keys." What do you think?